CupoNation organizes a cross-Nordic webinar for students and future entrepreneurs.

Rocket Internet is one of the world’s largest internet incubators with over 100 market leading companies in its portfolio, employing more than 20 000 people worldwide. Our success is based on an international team of highly motivated young entrepreneurs combined with the central intelligence for key knowledge within the online industry – (Online) Marketing excellence. Rocket’s mission is to create great companies worldwide. To achieve this goal, we want not only to attract, but also develop talent with the skills needed to be successful early on. It is never too early to start your entrepreneurial career!

Guided by this philosophy, we are hereby introducing an “ 'How to' -webinar for aspiring entrepreneurs”. For achieving a high relevancy and providing 100% real-life, hands-on knowledge and insights, the webinar is conducted together with our young (founded autumn 2012) and multinational (18 countries and growing) portfolio venture CupoNation which is one of the leading actors on the rapidly expanding international couponing market.

Most people want to launch their company but either they have no idea how to do it or they lack the necessary resources. In this webinar, we’ll hear how the successful entrepreneur Mads Bukholt has launched businesses online throughout different industries and countries to get the insights and practical down-to-earth tips it takes to successfully launch your business.

Mads has launched businesses in countries all around the world and done so as a solo-entrepreneur. In addition, he has helped launch some of the biggest companies online like Zalando and Westwing. Mads is now focused on growing CupoNation in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Education wise, Mads holds a Bachelor in International Business & Politics from Copenhagen Business School, finishing as one of the top students of his year.


Through this webinar, we would like to share our knowledge and knowhow on building a successful startup based on the case study of CupoNation. The webinar will consist of a 2-hour session held by Managing Director Nordics of CupoNation Mads Bukholt. The following topics will be covered during the webinar:

  • Lessons learned from building international startups
    Focus on the process involved in launching your own venture successfully. Amongst other things, Mads will cast light on establishing an optimized business model, getting the right team on board, careful selection of market, conceptualization of business and managing the actual roll out process.
    Mads will explain online marketing channels including search engine marketing and affiliate marketing, and go through practical tips and tricks on what you should always remember to do, and what you should not do. Furthermore, he will go through what key performance indicators you always should focus on in order to survive in the long run.


    The webinar is free of charge. To participate you will have to sign up on the form below, with your name and email.
  • date
    The webinar will take place Thursday the 1. of December from 10-12 AM. This includes 30 min time for questions and discussions with Mads.
    After the webinar there will be arranged a case competition. Details of the case competition will be published after the webinar session.
  • prize
    The best participants from every country will be awarded an interview and will be considered for an Online Marketing or Business Development position at CupoNation or Rocket Internet.
    Sign up by submitting your information in the form beneath. You will receive an e-mail with all the necessary information to participate.
  • Requirements
    Computer and internet connection.
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